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Here’s everything you need to know about our recruitment process

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We are an Association built by dedicated people, with critical thinking and capable of exceeding high expectations!

Here, we align each student’s motivations and talent around a common goal to promote the development of power skills around the academic community.

We prepare students for the labour market, which is a challenging responsibility. Thus, we are always looking forward to getting better.

You are in the right place if you see yourself in our vision.

Why Nova Skills Association?

NOVA Skills Association provides their members with real contact with top companies and personalities from various fields, as well as a true management experience. We strive to provide students with remarkable events where effective learning is available.

By applying to NSA, you can become part of our team and thus join one of the three departments that make us up.

What are we looking for?

If you are charismatic, committed, a natural critical thinker and a team player you are exactly what we are looking for!

We aim to recruit students who recognize the importance of power skills on the job market and professional development and who worry about giving the means to do so to our community.

How is the recruitment process?

The first step of our recruitment process is to fill out an application form online. This will be the first contact we will have with you and if you pass this stage you will be invited for a group dynamics*.

Once the form phase is complete, we need to evaluate your behaviour in an exercise where you have to work with others to achieve results. We created for this purpose what we call group dynamics.

The final step is then the individual interview: the means by which we evaluate the added value you will bring to the Association and to what extent we will be able to impact your personal development.

*Group Dynamics only apply for candidates to the Operations and the Human LAB department. C&M candidates, instead, will be asked to deliver a Creative Output, following a pre-determined theme.

What are you waiting for?

Applications are now closed but they will open next semester!

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