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Our Mission

Nova Skills Association was founded with the goal of sharing the importance of power skills with Nova SBE’s community.

We focus on organizing events and workshops to help everyone in their self-development both as a person and a professional.

Our History

Our Departments

The Association is divided into the Board and three departments. With very distinct functions, all departments complement each other.

The Board, which includes the President, Organisational VP and Executive VP, is responsible for managing the Association’s partnerships, researching new collaborations and for handling all the bureaucratic work.

Operations is responsible for holding events related to power skills, for the Nova SBE community, having as one of many goals, the awareness and the development of the students’ skills.

As so, members of this team are the ones who establish contact with potential speakers and deal with the logistics of those initiatives.

Human Lab focuses on helping each and every NSA member both at a personal and professional level.

Its members promote the internal development of power skills through exclusive Networking sessions and events with companies/partners. They’re also responsible for  promoting a happy working environment and integrating the new members into the Association, through various Team Building activities!

C&M is the main link between Nova Skills Association and the Nova SBE community.

Members of this department are responsible for the external communication strategy, by managing the branding and designing of all content, as well as managing NSA’s social media presence.

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