Leaders of Tomorrow

Leaders of Tomorrow

Leaders are made, not born.

What is the program?

A 10-hour transformational leadership training program for Nova SBE students, powered by Nova Skills Association.

People spend a great part of their lives in the workplace and for many it is a source of discontentment. As our vision of leadership is a transformational one – we believe great leaders inspire and care about the people they serve – we started this project hoping that it allows students to contribute to a world where work is meaningful, for everyone.

3 Domains, 5 Sessions

Self Domain

The processes of self-influence that facilitate self-direction and self-motivation.

(Neck & Houghton, 2006, cited from Cunha et al., 2017)

Interpersonal Domain

The social-relational competences to work with and through others.

(Cunha et al., 2017)

Conceptual Domain

The holistic understanding of the functioning of the organisation and its external environment.

(Cunha et al., 2017)

Take a look at our last edition’s sessions:

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Self Domain

1. Self-Leadership

After attending this session, participants were able to: 

• Outline clearly their purpose, vision, story and goals

• Leverage their leadership strengths and act upon the skills they needed to improve

Interpersonal Domain

2. Networking

After attending this session, participants were able to: 

• Understand the importance of networking

• Adapt your approach to different groups of people and keep a conversation going

• Follow up on your connections and stay in touch long-term

Self Domain

3. Emotional Intelligence

After attending this session, participants were able to: 

• Enhancing the participants’ social intelligence that they learn to communicate more effectively in society and in business

• Becoming aware of the way they think, feel and act and how other people do too

Interpersonal Domain

4. Public Speaking

After attending this session, participants were able to:

• Get over the fear of Public-Speaking

•Use verbal and non-verbal communication to deliver great presentations and speeches

• Read the audience’s emotion to adapt the presentation or speech

Interpersonal Domain

5. Giving and Receiving Feedback

After attending this session, participants were able to: 

• Understand and respond positively to feedback

• Adjust the way you give feedback to suit different people

Interpersonal Domain

6. Talent Development through Coaching

After attending this session, participants were able to: 

• Listen actively and question effectively in order to better understand a given situation and boost the development of any person you collaborate with

Conceptual Domain

7. Creativity, Inclusivity & Company Culture

After attending this session, participants were able to: 

• Comprehend the relationship between strategy and culture

• Act as drivers of organisational agility to promote high performance cultures

Conceptual Domain

8. Managing Change

After attending this session, participants were able to: 

• Design change management process understanding the importance of organisational culture in those process

• Act as change leaders in change management processes

Interpersonal Domain

9. Mediating Conflict

• Diagnose situations to identify conflicts and understand their underlying factors

• Know which strategy to adopt and how to implement it in order to resolve a disagreement and reach an optimal solution

This is not your typical classroom experience.

Empirical Learning

You will experiment with theory through practical activities, such as role-plays.

Experts as Trainers

The sessions will be led by industry professionals with expertise and training experience on the subject.

25 to 30 Participants

A small-sized class to promote personalisation and intimacy between trainer and participant.

Continuous Support

Our team will support participants throughout the program to accelerate learning.

The Selection Process

In order to select our unique participants, we have adapted our selection process to assess the potential for growth in each candidate.

If you are committed and interested in self-improvement and in soft skills, and are looking to participate, you only have to fill out the application form, which contains questions about yourself and it will give us an indication of who you are!

This edition will be based on a first come first serve basis. All the sessions will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays during April and May and will start at 18h with an expected duration of 2 hours!

You will have to pay an exorbitant fee of … 0€!

No, we are not kidding! We believe everyone should have access to learning and to develop themselves while at university. We know the student life is not the easy life when it comes to money, therefore we want to make sure everyone has the possibility to experience something like this by not charging anything for the program. Additionally if you attend the five sessions, you will receive a certificate!

Interesting, right?

Who can apply?

If you’re a Bachelor’s or Master’s student at Nova SBE, who is willing to step out of the comfort zone, apply! Whether you have leadership experience or not, it doesn’t matter: this program is designed to challenge you!

Deadline: March 23

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